Meet the Healing Horses at Talisman Farm!

Every day for the past nine years it is exciting to arrive at the farm and receive the warm greetings of Talisman’s horses. The herd numbers twelve phenomenal therapy horses who help our riders every day. Their training is extensive. Their temperament is exceptional. They are smart, experienced, beautiful, and kind. They are perceptive to emotions and physical abilities. They help our riders work on core strength, balance, confidence, and focus. The herd works hard all year round providing over 2,000 hours of lessons annually. They make all of us smile – our riders, families, volunteers, instructors, therapists, and staff. Meet the herd and please consider how you can help support their important work and our special rider’s needs.


Full Name: Edgar Allan Whoa
Breed: Appalachian Single Foot
Color: Chestnut Paint
Birthday: July 2002


Full Name: Biscotti
Breed: Hanovarian
Color: Chestnut
Birthday: January 2001


Full Name: Strokin Louie
Breed: Quarter Horse Paint Cross
Color: Tri-colored Paint
Birthday: August 2006


Full name: Boccio
Breed: Standardbred
Color: Bay
Birthday: March 2006


Full Name: Once in A Bleu Moon
Breed: Appaloosa Cross
Color: Medicine Hat Paint
Birthday: May 2004


Full Name: Nuff Good To Go Around
Breed: Registered American Quarter Horse
Color: Bay
Birthday: March 2003


Breed: Northern American Spotted Draft
Color: Piebald Paint (Black and White)
Birthday: April 1993


Breed: Northern American Spotted Draft
Color: Piebald Paint (Black and White)
Birthday: February 1995


Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Dark Bay
Birthday: May 1996

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