TTR Team

Anne L. Joyner

Founder / CEO

“The  opening of Talisman Therapeutic Riding is the highlight of my career.  It is the culmination of my love for horses, interest in health and  healing, and passion for charitable work. I cherish the years of working  with phenomenal professionals in the private sector, non-profit and  public sectors for influencing my direction. My goal is sustainability  and continued growth for Talisman's equine assisted activities and  learning programs. Join us as volunteers, donors or riders and, "Let the  Journey begin... ".

Wendy Gast

Program and Equine Coordinator / PATH International Certified Instructor

I was a founding Board Member (2012) of Talisman Therapeutic Riding and donated the first horse of their herd “Zachary”. On April 1st 2016, I  joined the TTR team and am currently the Program & Equine Coordinator and a PATH International Certified Instructor. I previously worked for a publicly traded company in the accounting and finance department and resigned to become more operationally involved with Talisman Therapeutic Riding. After witnessing the results of their incredible mission, as a Board of Directors member, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my working career! I bring with me over 40 years of equine experience. I have been a current member of Wicomico Hunt Club, since 1996, and have earned my honorary designation of “colors” from WHC. I enjoy the ability to work across the organization, utilizing my Equine and Corporate experience and my deep understanding of the “Vision of Talisman Therapeutic Riding” as a former Board member.

Rick Strittmater

Design / Marketing Consultant

“There  are experiences in our lives that are quite irreplaceable. Places and events that are priceless in what they achieve towards the common good  of everyone. This unique place, Talisman Therapeutic Riding, is one of  those places. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to share in Talisman’s growth and success; to interact with an amazing staff; to be a part of the TTR horse and rider experience.”

Vali Galasso

Barn Manager / PATH International Certified Instructor

My  name is Valentine Galasso, but most call me Vali. I have always been a rider, as a child in Tunisia on a donkey, a teenager in Thailand at the Royal Polo Club, Three Day Eventing in Northern Virginia, galloping down the manor lane with a friend while attending college, to having a foal born in my barn. That foal is now 21 years old his name is “Kapitan”, the big guy looking over my shoulder. I knew Talisman was my destination when I started as a volunteer here several years ago. I get my therapy just being on this lovely farm and caring for our wonderful horses and the beautiful old barn, not to mention the smiling faces of  our riders. The free spirit of the horses and their understanding and connecting to our feelings make them the best friends to have. I think we have a great team of professionals, staff, and volunteers here at Talisman and I’m proud to have the privilege of working with them. Each day offers a new beginning.

Kelsey Hyneman

Assistant Barn Manager / PATH International Certified Instructor

Hello, my name is Kelsey Hyneman. I was in the Pony Club and have been riding  horses my entire life. I am a certified PATH International Instructor. I absolutely love to teach our special riders. I love to learn more about horses. The barn atmosphere and the TTR Team I work with are awesome, including the horses. I own two horses of my own and the pony in the picture. I am a life long equestrian. My specialty is Heroes on Horses. Go Military! 

Jacob Auman

Barn Helper

 Bio and photo to come

TTR Horses


Age: 24

Breed: Polish Arabian

​Color: Bay


Age: 21

Breed: Thoroughbred

Color: Dark Bay

Harvey (Harvest Moon)

Age: 20

Breed: American Mustang

​Color: Chestnut


Age: 26

Breed: Northern American Spotted Draft

Color: Piebald Paint (Black and White)


Age: 24

Breed: Northern American Spotted Draft

​Color: Piebald Paint (Black and White)

Bleu (Once in A Bleu Moon)

Age: 13

Breed: Appaloosa Cross

Color: Medicine Hat Paint

Zachary (NuffGoodToGoAround)

Age: 14

Breed: Registered American Quarter Horse

​Color: Bay


Age: 12

Breed: Paso Fino

​Color: Dark Bay

Bo (Boccio)

Age: 11

Breed: Standardbred

Color: Bay