Our Herd

Poker Face

Breed: Quarter Horse Paint Cross
Color: Chestnut Paint
Height: 15.1 hands
Weight: 1183 lbs
Year Foaled: 2001

All About Me: I have one blue eye and one brown eye. I love being the steady guy for my participants. I like moving at a nice even pace, matching my participants needs. Even though I may look silly, one of my favorite things to do with my participants is to have them find rings that my leader puts on my ears, tail, and rump!


Breed: Paint
Color: Bay Paint
Height: 16 hands
Weight: 1183 lbs
Year Foaled: 2006

All About Me: I am a goof!  I love making funny faces and am incredibly social. I nose my head out of my stall so I can look around the corner of the barn to check everyone and everything out. I like to have a good time and like to toss around the ball in my stall. The best part about me is that I have a great walk! It is full of quirky movement, which really helps my participants stretch and loosen up. Chances are that if you are my participant, you’ll be playing a game of red light/green light!


Breed: Quarter horse
Color: Palamino
Height: 16 hands
Weight: 1125 lbs
Year Foaled: 1998

All About Me: I know-I look fantastic in the pasture with my flowing blonde mane rippling in the breeze. If you look past my mane, you may see that I need a bib when I eat my mushy food. More than eating, I love being with my participant. I am loyal and a great partner for liberty work. My job is to take care of the participant, and I will always do my very best to provide a steady, comfortable and willing experience.


Breed: Arabian Cross
Color: Dark Bay
Height: 14.3 hands
Weight: 820 lbs
Year Foaled: 1997

All About Me: I have a heart on my face. I come by it honestly as I LOVE everyone! And, everyone LOVES me!  Peppermints love me too! I truly enjoy being ridden and I am a real gentleman. I have a mane that just makes people want to braid it. I also like getting dressed up for special events, like I said, I’m a gentleman. I am just happy to be in service and am a star at the mounting ramp, building confidence in my participants.


Breed: Standard breed
Color: Dark Bay
Height: 16 hands
Weight: 1200 lbs
Year Foaled: 1993

All About Me: I am a big guy, what can I say? I used to drive carts, now my favorite thing is to go on trail rides. I have beautiful dressage form, but I like to keep that a secret. I am blind in one eye. I think that helps me connect to some of my participants who may feel a bit tentative around horses, especially big ones like me. I like going at a slow and steady pace, but I love a challenge when there are games involved—I want me and my participant to win red light/green light and egg on a spoon! I admit, that maybe one reason that I like to be such a solid, stable, dependable and overall good horse for my participant is that I hope to get an extra peppermint and scratch on the nose!


Breed: Quarter horse
Color: Chestnut
Height: 14.3 hands
Weight: 1065 lbs
Year Foaled: 2003

All About Me: See that pretty spot on my head, please rub it! It’s like a big hug for me! I enjoy pampering, I am a mare after all. A good grooming and bath feel wonderful, but even better is the huge roll in the dirt right after my spa treatment. I love taking my participants on trail rides and playing games with them. I am very cautious and help my participants to be balanced so they can enjoy the view around the farm and in the arenas.

Little Skye

Breed: Welsh
Color: Grey
Height: 12.3 hands
Weight: 660 lbs
Year Foaled: 2001

All About Me: I love being treated like the princess I am, racing the tractor around the fields and cuddling with anyone who is willing! I prance. I flit. I shake my head. I am a pretty pony. I enjoy the smaller participants and helping to teach them good ground manners, basic balance, and focus. Just please, don’t forget my treat at the end of a lesson (or anytime you see me!)


Breed: North American Spotted Draft
Color: Bay Paint
Height: 16.1 hands
Weight: 1250 lbs
Year Foaled: 1994

All About Me: I’m a gentle giant! I enjoy people, especially because they always bring me treats. I do enjoy my alone time, too, particularly when in my pasture. I will let you know I am hungry by tapping on my stall door with my hooves and will happily greet you at the gate at feeding time. Call me an old sentimental guy, I used to carry brides and grooms around town on their special wedding day! Ah, romance. I am retired from riding, but I do like being groomed and taken care of by my friends at the farm.


Breed: Paso Fino
Color: Bay
Height: 14.1 hands
Weight: 820 lbs
Year Foaled: 2003

All About Me: I am a gaited horse. Sometimes participants say that I “feel funny” at first because it may look and feel like I’m running but I’m not going very fast; I just move a lot! I am very shy. In fact, Norman (a goat!) lives with my in my stall to keep me company.

Mr. Sky

Breed: Paint
Color: Brown/White
Height: 14.2
Weight: 915 lbs
Year Foaled: 2009

All About Me: I make a great buddy.  I really like to talk to the horses in the barn and all of the visitors. What can I say, I’m a people person! I like working best with participants who have a bit of experience under their belt.  I have a quick walk and trot and am very willing and eager to please.  I always do my best to take care of my participant and help them to learn good horsemanship.

Summer Moon

Breed: Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
Color: Chocolate w/Blonde mane
Height: 14
Weight: 930 lbs
Year Foaled: 2005

All About Me: I am recognized by my gorgeous coloring.  In fact, my entire coat is so smooth that my nickname is “Velvet” around that farm.  I like participants who have soft, quiet hands.  I love practicing ground work and have a very smooth, comfortable walk.  My desire is to take care of everyone I meet! My pleasure truly is getting my participants to stretch and enjoy the ride!


Breed: Mostly Potbelly Pig
Born: Savannah, GA

How I came o Talisman: Traveled to Talisman when I needed more room to grow.

All About Me: My belly touches the ground. I like to clean up the grain that the horses have spilled. My favorite food is cantaloupe. I like to be painted different colors—especially during holidays! My super power is bring smiles to faces—who doesn’t find a pig adorable!


Breed: Rescue Goat
How I came o Talisman: I am Rosie’s Best Friend, so I joined her!

All About Me: I am white all over, except when I am being painted by my participants. They love to color me and decorate me for the season—and I love it, too! While I enjoy playing with the participants when I can, I mostly hang out with Hazel during the day, but I look forward to cozying up to my best friend Rosie when she is in the barn.