Horticultural Activities

The Talisman Growing Hope Garden provides accessible garden beds and growing space for varieties of fruit, vegetables, and flowers. Thoughtful design of this project supports inclusivity of all people seeking a respite from the stresses of everyday life.

This garden highlights the intent of Talisman to create a holistic wellness environment at the farm that inspires personal growth and healing in partnership with horses and the great outdoors.

The Growing Hope Garden promotes wellness service to the community and encourages sustainable farming. Talisman supports responsible environmental practices by using its innovative, on-site O2 composting program and supplementing the garden with eco-friendly Talisman Gold Soil Conditioner. The Growing Hope Garden focuses on Stable to Table community produce sharing and sustainable growing which supports nutrition and healthy eating.

*Maintaining and sustaining the Growing Hope Garden is also a great way for a team or business to achieve its service goals within the community while supporting a great cause!

Please contact Talisman for more information on Horticultural Therapy opportunities.