Heroes on Horses Retreat

The Heroes on Horses Program supports active-duty military, veterans of the armed forces, national guard, first responders, and front-line health care workers through introduction into a stress-free atmosphere and equine-assisted therapeutic events aimed at creating mental and physical resiliency in the evolving social environment.

Stable Family Retreat

The Stable Family Program is a comprehensive equine experience that promotes family connection and feelings of well-being through interaction and guided cooperative exercises.

Please contact Talisman to discuss opportunities with Therapeutic Horsemanship Retreats.

Wyoming Wilderness Retreat

The Wyoming Wilderness Retreat incorporates guided exploration of the Wyoming wilderness through equine-assisted activities. The week-long immersive experience encourages clients to free themselves from the stresses of everyday life, disconnect from the tethers of technology and awaken themselves mentally and physically through an intimate outdoor experience.

Partnering with Stetter Outfitters in Dubois, Wyoming, a week-long program guides a small group of people into the heart of the Wind River Range.

2024 Dates To Be Announced