Retirement Boarding

Talisman Therapeutic Riding is offering full care boarding for retired horses! Full care boarding: $850 per month. At Talisman Therapeutic Riding, we understand that every horse deserves a peaceful and loving retirement. Our world-class facility is the perfect sanctuary tailored to meet the needs of your retired horses. Full care boarding includes:

Comprehensive Care

Our experienced staff is committed to ensuring the health and happiness of every horse residing at Talisman. We coordinate routine veterinary and farrier appointments to ensure your horse is comfortable and healthy in its golden years.

Green Pastures

Spread across 30 acres of rolling meadows, Talisman offers plenty of room for leisurely strolls and grazing, perfect for promoting digestive health, physical health, and herd happiness.

Quality Feed

We provide nutritionally balanced feed, customized to the dietary needs and preferences of each horse.


Our herd dynamics are carefully managed to ensure every horse finds its place in the herd, promoting a sense of belonging and companionship among our residents.

Barn & Facilities

A private barn is dedicated to host retirement boarders. The beautiful riding arenas and amenities are available on a limited basis and must be scheduled.

Spacious Stalls

Our debris-free stalls ensure ample comfort during resting hours.

Each stall is cleaned every day and comes equipped with clean bedding. Let your horse enjoy a serene and carefree retirement at Talisman. To learn more about our boarding services for retired horses, please contact us at