Horse Discovery Center and Recreational Lessons Programs

Talisman provides recreational horsemanship experiences through the Horse Discovery Center Program and Talisman Recreational Horsemanship lessons. Talisman is one of 42 licensed stables in the state of Maryland designated by the Maryland Horse Industry Board as a Horse Discovery Center. This program welcomes the general public of all ages and experience levels to learn about horses in a knowledgeable and friendly environment.

Horse Discovery Center Lessons

The one-month (four sessions) of basic level recreational horseman lessons and consist of mounted and unmounted exercises for anyone interested in learning more about horses.

Program cost: $180/per participant

“If you’re riding at Talisman, you are blessed beyond measure! From boasting a substantial modern arena and beautifully maintained barn to offering a full stable of gorgeous well tempered horses that heal (as well as a jaunty pig and a grand ol’ goat wandering about the well manicured countryside) this is the place to be. With the offer of obtainable scholarships, you have no excuse. Get yourself and your kids in for a life transformation complete with joy!”
K. Pariyar

Talisman Recreational Horsemanship Lessons

These lessons are for beginner level clients who are in the introductory stages of their equine exploration. Lessons are based on six-month packages for progressive growth of clients to the next stage of their equine experience.

Program cost: $65/per participant, per lesson

“Nicole recommended that our team visit this place because it’s calming to the soul and with all our work related stressors, this would be ideal in relieving some of that stress; she was right. We had a great time! I had never even touched a horse before and I was able to ride one. Super soothing and relaxing yet a productive and informative day.”
C. Love