There are many ways to support our programs.  Whether through a special donation earmarked for one of the ways to give below, or through a general support donation, all are welcomed and truly appreciated.  

Help us make equine assisted miracles happen with your generous donation.

Ways To Give

Buy some shoes

Like humans, foot care is crucial to health and well-being of our equine friends. To maintain hoof health, a farrier visits our horses on a regular basis. Think of those visits as spa days for our herd when the horses are pampered with a pedicure and new shoes!

Proper and maintained hoof care equates to a happy, healthy and productive horse. And that means more time for a horse to enjoy the participants in our programs.

Treat a horse to a pedicure and new shoes by giving these requested amounts:

Shoe a horse (average farrier care) for a month: $150
Shoe a horse (average farrier care) for a year: $1800

Care for a horse

Horses are the foundation of our mission and vision. To make sure that we can succeed in our service to our participants we need to make sure our horses receive routine checkups from a veterinarian. These “Barn Calls” include vaccinations, deworming, dental checks, nutrition guidance and more.

We want our equines and participants to lead happy and healthy lives. And a well-balanced horse mean more ways to help our participants achieve their holistic and therapeutic wellness goals.

Contribute to a horse’s well-being by giving these requested amounts:
Provide routine vet care for a horse for a month: $125
Provide routine vet care for a horse for a year: $1500

Greener pastures

The grass is definitely greener on our side of the fence! Having excellent facilities, pastures, trails, and stalls, adds to our equine participants happiness, health, and vitality. So much goes into maintaining our 30-acre farm, from mowing, manure maintenance, fence repairs, and maintenance and building of run-in shelters to cleaning the stalls and providing fresh shavings, water and food buckets, and well-fitted (and often accommodated) tack.

The importance of well-maintained pastures, facilities, and tack are paramount to the foundation of providing excellent horse care. We want our horses to never look longingly over the fence and see greener pastures!

Help us keep the horses and the farm looking amazing by giving these requested amounts:
Support pasture maintenance: $50/acre/mos
Build a run in: $6000
Bedding/shavings for a horse per week: $24
Buy a saddle: $400

Hay for a horse

Or is it “Hooray for a Horse!” Either way, the horse needs to eat. And, they eat a lot! On average a horse eats 3% of their body weight, so for a 1000lb horse that means 30lbs a day – that equates to 3.5+ TONS of hay a year. That’s just hay! Horses are also given supplements, grain, and other special feed.

It may not be our version of Ben & Jerry’s but, the horses love their hay! A well-nourished and sustained horse is comfortable, happy, and ready to serve.

Treat a horse by giving the requested amounts:
Feed a horse for a month: $300
Feed a horse for a year: $3600


Many of us have been touched by the majesty and humility of horses. We’ve cared for them and they’ve cared for us.  They’ve healed, nurtured, inspired confidence, and, at times, determination!  By leaving a legacy donation, you can ensure that future generations will benefit from your generosity and the incredible healing and holistic horsemanship and relationships with horses at Talisman.

Here are four basic ways that you can leave a legacy*:

  1. General bequest: leave a gift of a specific dollar amount to Talisman,
  2. Demonstrative bequest: a gift that provides specific instructions regarding how an asset or dollar amount should be distributed to Talisman (i.e. from a certain trust or financial institution),
  3. Residuary bequest: a gift that is made to Talisman after all other distributions have been made, and
  4. Percentage bequest: a gift using a percentage of the estate rather than a fixed dollar amount to gift to Talisman

It’s difficult to think about or imagine this stage in your life. While performing your estate planning, consider some reasons that may help your decision about leaving a legacy:

  • Leave a great, lasting, and heart-warming legacy to be remembered and honored,
  • Lessen the burden of taxes on your family,
  • Receive estate tax savings, and
  • Give others the chance to enrich their lives and potential of horses in a holistic wellness environment.

*We encourage you to work with your estate planning professionals, lawyers, accountants, etc. to ensure that your bequests are given as you intend.

Contact the Executive Director, Noelle Douglas to talk more about leaving a legacy at Talisman.


Everyone needs a “leg-up” every now and then. Whether you or your business sponsors a student, contributes to a scholarship, or provides general support for Talisman, your gift will make an enormous difference in the lives of those you are helping.

Talisman is a safe, well-maintained, peaceful and positive organization dedicated to serving people in the community of all ages with cognitive, physical, emotional, and social challenges, disabilities, and diagnoses, as well as those who interested in learning more about horsemanship.

There are many ways to give that “leg-up”.  Consider the following options for donations:

General Sponsorship:

Sponsor a student for a year: $4000

Support our Scholarship Program: $50/month

Business & Organization Sponsorship:

  • Winner’s Circle

Minimum of $1500; prominent recognition in the heart of our farm, logo inclusion in our monthly newsletter and on our website for one year

  • Jockey Club

$1000 to $1500; logo inclusion in our monthly newsletter and on our website for one year

  • Show Jumper

$500 to $1000; logo inclusion in our monthly newsletter for six months.