What a year this has been! I think I say that every year.

The world’s ups and downs are sometimes overwhelming, and they are all presented in frantic fast talking “feeds” that come to our phones all day long. Everything and everybody is on the move constantly. At the end of some days, I’m tired from just what I’ve seen and heard.


Fortunately, for our riders Talisman Therapeutic Riding is a healing escape from the Road Runner pace all around us. With the help of therapists and instructors, they are free to move at a pace that helps heal their bodies and souls. There are many stories to tell, but they all start with a horse and an autistic child or a physically challenged adult or a veteran struggling with PTSD. 

(Mary, and her favorite horse Roja)

(Kenny, with his Talisman Team during a lesson).

Mary, who rides twice a week to work on core-strength and flexibility, and Kenny, who is working to overcome a debilitating stroke, can give firsthand accounts of the positive effects that equine therapy has had for them. After an hour with their horses, their enthusiasm and feeling of progress is evident and noticeable. 


One veteran organization recently wrote in a note to Talisman: “We realize the demonstrated impact equine therapy can have on those with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other conditions.  Talisman Therapeutic Riding is our designated referral partner for our clientele here at the Center for the Military and Veteran Family.”