Talisman Lesson Programs

Talisman uses a year-long rolling enrollment program to introduce new participants to our equine-assisted activities. Lessons are conducted one per week, at the same time each week. Each participant is treated as a long-term investment and progression of programs continue through the entire year. Talisman believes this approach reflects its commitment to service in the community and client-centered approach.

Currently, our calendar year for lessons is segmented into four lesson periods.

2023 Period Dates

Period 1

January 9 – March 31

Period 2

April 1 – June 30

Period 3

July 1 – September 30

Period 4

October 2 – December 30

Therapeutic/Adaptive Horsemanship Programs

Talisman equine-assisted therapeutic activities serve people of most ages with cognitive, physical, emotional, and social challenges and disabilities. These lessons are guided by one of Talisman’s Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors (CTRI) and incorporate individual lesson plans for client specific goals.

The Talisman Therapeutic Horsemanship Program will support opportunities for building confidence, growing self-esteem, improving physical strength, reinforcing responsible behaviors, enhancing communication, and developing new skills.

Program cost: $80/per participant, per lesson

Every new therapeutic horsemanship client begins with an individual assessment. CTRIs spend time with each new client to familiarize them with the Talisman farm and equine-assisted therapeutic activities. This time is also spent gaining better insight on the specific challenges of the individual and goals of that person.

Assessment cost: $85/per participant

Assessment appointments are scheduled through a chronological order of contact. All required paperwork must be completed and submitted to Talisman prior to assessment appointments.


As part of its Therapeutic/Adaptive Horsemanship Program, Talisman offers Hippotherapy.  Hippotherapy is a form of physical, occupational, and speech-language pathology in which licensed therapists work with riding instructors to use the movements of a horse to provide carefully graded motor and sensory input.

Please contact Talisman to discuss opportunities with Hippotherapy.

Therapeutic Horsemanship Retreat Programs

Heroes on Horses

The Heroes on Horses Program supports active-duty military, veterans of the armed forces, national guard, first responders, and front-line health care workers through introduction into a stress-free atmosphere and equine-assisted therapeutic events aimed at creating mental and physical resiliency in the evolving social environment.

Stable Family

The Stable Family Program is a comprehensive equine experience that promotes family connection and feelings of well-being through interaction and guided cooperative exercises.

Please contact Talisman to discuss opportunities with Therapeutic Horsemanship Retreats.

Recreational Horsemanship Lesson Program

Talisman provides recreational horsemanship experiences through the Horse Discovery Center Program and Talisman Recreational Horsemanship lessons. Talisman is one of 42 licensed stables in the state of Maryland designated by the Maryland Horse Industry Board, as a Horse Discovery Center. This program welcomes the general public of all ages and experience levels to learn about horses in a knowledgeable and friendly environment.

Horse Discovery Center Lessons

One-month (four sessions) of basic level recreational horseman lessons and consist of mounted and unmounted exercises for anyone interested in learning more about horses.

Program cost: $180/per participant

Talisman Recreational Horsemanship Lessons

For beginner level clients who are in the introductory stages of their equine exploration. Lessons are based on six-month packages for progressive growth of clients to the next stage of their equine experience.

Program cost: $65/per participant, per lesson

Talisman Wellness Program

Over the last few years wellness and living well has taken on a much greater importance and more significant meaning to us all. The Talisman Wellness Program is a collection of lectures, classes, and experiential learning opportunities aimed at informing clients about health and wellbeing topics, reducing stress, and improving self-awareness.

Horticultural Therapy

The Talisman Growing Hope Garden provides accessible garden beds and growing space for varieties of fruit, vegetables, and flowers. Thoughtful design of this project supports inclusivity of all people seeking a respite from the stresses of everyday life.

This garden highlights the intent of Talisman to create a holistic wellness environment at the farm that inspires personal growth and healing in partnership with horses and the great outdoors.

The Growing Hope Garden promotes wellness service to the community and encourages sustainable farming. Talisman supports responsible environmental practices by using its innovative, on-site O2 composting program and supplementing the garden with eco-friendly Talisman Gold Soil Conditioner. The Growing Hope Garden focuses on Stable to Table community produce sharing, and sustainable growing which supports nutrition and healthy eating.

Please contact Talisman for more information on Horticultural Therapy opportunities.

Wellness in the Wilderness

Wellness in the Wilderness incorporates guided exploration of the Wyoming wilderness through equine-assisted activities. The week-long immersive experience encourages clients to free themselves from the stresses of everyday life, disconnect from the tethers of technology and awaken themselves up mentally and physically through an intimate enc outdoor experience.

Partnering with Stetter Outfitters in Dubois, Wyoming, a week-long program takes a small group of people into the heart of the Wind River Range.

2024 Dates To Be Announced